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The Problem

The National Audit Office, in their report “Modernising Construction , 2001” reported that in 2001, 73% of projects were over budget and 70% were delivered late.

The Farmer Report, “Modernise or Die” published in October 2016, concluded that ‘many of the features of the industry are synonymous with a sick, or even dying patient.’  Critical symptoms identified included:

  • Low productivity
  • Low predictability
  • Structural and leadership fragmentation
  • Low margins, Adversarial pricing models and financial fragility
  • Lack of collaboration and improvement culture
  • Lack of R&D + Investment in Innovation
  • Poor Industry image

There is a clear gap in the market for innovative software that helps to keep large scale projects on time and on budget through real time management of all parties involved.

The Solution

GluIQ is a revolutionary project management software being developed by some of the brightest minds in the country.

Via a combination of digital revolution and market demand for increased transparency, efficiency and innovation, we’re creating and developing tools that deliver the change demanded in the industry. GluIQ provides tools that improve projects via a bespoke Multi Criterion Decision Framework with embedded machine learning and Intelligent Process Automation.

These will generate increased compliance, standardisation of work process and a platform on which to capture and present key project performance metrics through the life of the project, in real-time.

Beta testers can access GluIQ here.

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Beta testers can access GluIQ here.