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Creativity – The only way to solve problems

February 19, 2020
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Over the last month we have been engaging with beta testers, looking to improve GluIQ in both design and ability. Designers Paul&Sam have provided a renovated design for GluIQ improving usability. The development of the Lessons learnt functionality is also well under way. We also attended the Re-work AI summit is San Francisco gaining valuable insights relating to the future of technology specifically AI.

Having finalised the new designs provided by Paul&Sam , we are now starting to implement them. These designs not only improve the look and feel of the system but also improve usability, by making key features stand out and guiding the user through the construction process.

At the end of January, we attended the RE-Work’s Deep Learning and AI summit, where AI engineers and executives gathered for presentations and discussions about innovative projects that are leading. This Summit turned out to be very valuable not only by gaining insights into the industry but also though idea generation for GluIQ. Key insights from this summit include AI security, Data sources, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and many others which we are actively exploring to bring value to GluIQ.

Over the next month we plan to complete the functionality using NLP to draw out important lessons learned and incorporate the new designs created by Paul&Sam.

Whilst under construction, we would like to expand our Beta tester audience currently benefiting from GluIQ’s functionality. If this is of interest to your organisation then please email at: enquiries@gluiq.com  where a representative will handle your request personally.

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