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Determining the Schwerpunkt

August 16, 2017

“Blockchain solutions to construction management problems” [1] has become a slogan among the AEC stakeholders.

Enhanced transparency, greater scalability, security, tracking data and the increased innovation of blockchain definitely offer the best solutions to the core issues of construction industry such as Communication, Data Capture, Interoperability, procurement methods selection, process improvement.  A combination of Blockchain and IBM Watson Knowledge Studio could be the silver bullet of AEC problems.

After becoming ‘Brains’ of GluIQ,  I’ve spent most of the month learning the basics of Blockchain technology (Hyperledger Fabric [2], Hyperledger Composer [3]) and exploring rule based annotation, machine learning on IBM Watson Knowledge studio [4].  As a technology factotum it is not so difficult for me to learn these.

Learning to program has always been easier for me, but it is not the same case with having detailed awareness of the environment in which the technology operates. Technology has been changing or replaced ever since humankind invented a wheel, but domain knowledge is seldom replaced, rather it is enhanced by ever changing technology.

Cursory knowledge on construction domain may help in coastal cruising or a small channel crossing, but for Offshore Bluewater sailing, Schwerpunkt [5] (weight of effort / centre of gravity) should be on extracting the domain knowledge.

A two horse-drawn cart can only move as fast as the slowest horse.  I realised if I had to make good progress with GluIQ project, the slowest horse – the domain knowledge should be sped up. I have not slowed down the other horse – technology; on the other hand the focus of effort was given to domain knowledge.

As a part of Aufmarschanweisungen  [5] (“deployment instructions”) to realise GluIQ, a process mapping of different standards, regulations and best practices in construction is being created. This shall lead to creation of process ontology in AEC and shall be validated with GluIQ – Dream it to Use it Frame work.

Schwerpunktverlegung  [5] (shifts in the weight of effort) shall be maintained between technology and domain to have the smooth course for the GluIQ cart and keep following this space to watch clear bluewater being created.


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