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Great presentations give Smart ideas an advantage

June 21, 2019

Since our last blog, we have finalised the creation of the “Test-It” document creation screens and fully tested the system. As such, modules one and two (Dream-It and Test-It) are now fully complete and fully tested. The second module supports the user when compiling their project brief, assessing project feasibility and extending their outline business case.

On stage

Matthew is preparing for our initial showcase of the software, presenting at the KTP Associate Conference 2019 hosted by Queens University, Belfast #KTPA2019. Our presentation discusses the GluIQ framework, current developments and our future directions.

A large portion of our presentation shows the potential GluIQ has, not only guide the construction process but also to offer insights into projects. For instance, by using a few simple pieces of information, GluIQ (via machine learning) could assess how realistic time frames are, or even assess the accuracy of high-level budgeting forecasts by comparing projects to one and other.

Over the next month, we plan to keep advancing out development including some of the ‘nice to have’ features. Such as the ability to add reference images, adding profile pictures, allowing the user to better share documents and adding KPI’s.

User Experience

We are also turning our attention to the user experience itself.  We have brought our good friends from Paul&Sam in to apply their knowledge and expertise to lift the experience of the user and provide an interface aligned to our Airfix inspired branding.  For any system to be successful, the programming and technology needs to be balanced by a great user experience that provides for a joyful interface with the technology, facilitating both tacit and explicit knowledge to be captured.

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