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Laying The Groundwork For Future Development

August 19, 2019
Dream it to User it framework

Since our last blog we have focused on creating the groundwork for future development, whilst delivering the ability for the user to utilise the entire “Dream-it to Use-it” framework to benefit their projects.

Moving forward from implementing the ‘nice to have features’, this current challenging development cycle has focused particularly on establishing an innovative groundwork which supports future development. By implementing the modules in this way, it allows the end user, to access and utilise the entire “Dream-It to Use-It” framework concurrently whilst future document creation functionality is developed and AI introduced.

This new functionality allows the user to upload 19 key documents in the construction process over the remaining modules (Define it – Use it). These files can then act as a reference and shared easily with colleagues, much like any documents created or uploaded during the first two modules. These new features are planned to be available during the initial role out Q3/4 2019.

Over the next month, our lead developer will be heading to various seminars and workshops, in the UK and Italy, conducted by some of the world’s leading researchers in AI. Bringing back fresh insights and ideas that can be integrated into GluIQ and best practice within an industry that is rapidly developing to deliver smarter solutions to ever growing challenging problems.

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