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July 18, 2019

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Since our last blog, we have implemented many of the ‘nice to have’ features within GluIQ.  Our imagination continues to be stretched.

These features include adding project reference images, profile pictures, sharing projects and changing passwords. More importantly, we have implemented the end of module project health check. This will be used to gauge the ongoing viability of your project and help identify any knowledge gaps.

In a little over a week, we have the penultimate Local Management Committee meeting for the KTP. Accordingly, a lot of our time will move to testing code, implementing user experience improvements, such as those outlined by Paul&Sam. This all combines ahead of the initial role out of the first two modules in Q3 2019.

Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) Innovation Festival

Within even the largest companies, innovation can be hard to find.  This is normally down to a lack of imagination and outside thinking.  Or simply, preferring comfort to embracing change.

Recently, Matthew attended the NWG Innovation Festival. He helped his team secure first prize for their innovative use of machine learning techniques.  Sponsored by Northumbrian Water and Microsoft, Matthew and his team focused on extracting asset information from piping and instrumentation diagrams. This was with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of Northumbrian Waters’ Asset catalogue. NWG, whilst managing their assets for well over a century, often spend over £100,000 every time they need to do work, just to find out what assets they have. This also has an impact on the maintenance teams, as they still use analogue paper-based systems.  The Finance team also struggles to calculate depreciation. Overall, this digital method should give Northumbrian Water a starting point when trying to solve this fundamental problem.

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