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Learning with machines

October 10, 2017

A hundred years ago, sailing was perhaps more challenging compared to today.  Now we have the technology and data, we can enjoy a quick response in the case of any unplanned incidents.  The same applies to any industry, though the processes have become more complicated, technology and data make things a lot easier for the benefit of humankind and the economy.

After gold and petrol, data has become the “new fuel” of our industry 4.0 generation’s economy.  With the abundant availability of data, through machine learning, a person not only can analyse and learn, but even can predict the infinity.  In the simplest terms, machine learning is, instead of us instructing the computer about what should be done, the computer guides us to what is the best solution for our need through finding patterns in the huge non-germane data.

Running parallel with knowledge elicitation in the construction industry, to maintain Schwerpunkt, a proof of concept was developed to predict the number of house sales in the UK for the given postcode using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.  The data was obtained from Office of National Statistics and the result was compared with real estate websites.  It was one of the many happy moments with the GluIQ project.

To bring the technology, domain knowledge and the data together to solve a problem or problems; is in fact the core idea of GluIQ.  Thus by getting stronger Schwerpunkt, we have derived a rich tributary of ideas to make the industry better.  Atorus and GluIQ have started working on identifying these and the data that will enable the machines to learn.

Keep watching this space for more updates as we learn with the machines.