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Moving up in the world

December 23, 2019
Image saying we are live

Over the last 2 months so much has changed for GluIQ. We implemented our subscription management system, created templates for files which cannot currently be uploaded and fully tested GluIQ. We’ve attended #CIBW78. Here we gained some amazing insights into cutting edge construction research. Most importantly, we have been setting up our server ready to do our initial ‘go live’.

Going live!

It was expected that we would be live before now but have suffered from a poor internet service. This was too slow to handle more than a few users. So, we’ve accessed a new service provider and have been working hard to get it set up. Therefore, I’m happy to announce that we are now live and inviting beta testers Here.

Moving forward for GluIQ, we are working on a method of migrating your old projects into GluIQ.  We are also working on detailing the third module (Define-It), so that users can create these documents online.

We also want to identify cutting edge AI and Machine Learning techniques that can be used to give insights into your projects. In order to help develop these techniques, we will be attending the Re-work AI summit ( #reworkAI ) in San Francisco in January.  Speaking at this summit, are researchers from organisations leading the implementation of AI in business such as, Uber, Facebook and MIT. Aligned with our strategy, we have started working on methods allowing you to explore your data efficiently, gaining insight to improve your future projects and business analytics.  See below.



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