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Never stop learning or risk being left behind

September 19, 2019

The GluIQ team have been busy!  We have made minor changes to the interface and started implementing our subscriptions service.  We’ve also set up our server and attended a global conference on Machine Learning, Optimisation and Data science (LOD).

At the leading edge

#LOD2019 was important for GluIQ as it allowed us to gauge the current technologies and advances being developed in the field of data science. We are already planning our approach to integrating some of these elements within GluIQ. Some notable technologies being developed included a deep learning method of comparing graphs, a method of modelling topics for text analytics and a method of improving the accuracy of predictions using marginally related data.  It was great to meet and hear from leading experts in this field from the likes of Sean Tao from Carnegie Mellon and Gail Freedman at the Tiomkin School of Economics.

Where data science meets the construction site

This week, our lead developer will be attending the conference CIB W78. In this forum, he will be gathering insights more closely related to the construction industry. This will provide a vivid, real-time and practical contrast between leading edge data science #LOD2019 and construction #CIBW78.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we plan to implement a subscriptions management system and provide the user with templates for any documents which cannot be created online yet. At this point we feel that GluIQ will be ready for an initial rollout for beta testers.

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