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Path Forward 2020

January 21, 2020
GluIQ - Road Forward

Over the last month, we have been hard at work with our designers over at Paul&Sam to improve the overall experience and style of GluIQ. We have improved the migration of older projects into GluIQ,  averaging at just 20 minutes per project. The data screens we teased in the previous blog have now been finalised and are complete 

We previously made mention of the upcoming Re-work AI summit, this allows our programmers further insight into this rapidly evolving area as to remain on point and learn lessons of how we can constantly build on the GluIQ platform to deliver value.  

Over the next month we will be engaging with some of the EU’s leading construction consultants to spearhead testing, whilst developing methods to add lessons learnt to your projects allowing the project team to learn from prior experiences. GluIQ’s functionality allows for the automatic scanning of documents extracting lessons that can be applied to your projects delivering desirable outcomes.  

Whilst under construction, we would like to expand our Beta tester audience currently benefiting from GluIQ’s functionality. If this is of interest to your organisation then please email at: enquiries@gluiq.com  where a representative will handle your request personally.   

Following this, we will be working on limiting repetitive tasks by retrieving old data which can be edited when answering new questions and creating new documents. We will also be populating GluIQ with historic data (secure) for our partners. After which we will begin to develop methods of predicting the outcome of projects, in their early stages.  

The plan for the second half of 2020 is to finalise modules 3 – 8 (Define-It to Use-It) and complete the workflows across the full life-cycle of built assets.

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