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It’s all about the output

November 17, 2017

“Pressure creates diamonds, fire refines gold, tough journeys make a sailor great” – Anonymous

Although there was pressure to complete and review the Construction process flows on time, October has been a great month for the GluIQ project.  Not just for the output – completion of the review of Construction process flows – but also for GluIQ being an integral part of Atorus’ 2018 strategic vision

We had our themed “Upping our game” strategic planning session for 2018 on 6 October. In that meeting, the GluIQ vision for the next year is to have the first version of GluIQ digital tool by June’18. With the right Schwerpunkt, effective interpretation of data and implementation of technologies, GluIQ will become the ‘Apple of Construction industry’, as far as innovative disruption is concerned. GluIQ is a core part of Atorus’ long term plans.

On the same day, we also had glass designing workshop – as a part of team building exercise at Crushed Chilli Gallery, Durham.  With a mixture of designs, Brains designed his coaster as அ (Short a) as the first letter of Tamil, and also the first letter of Atorus – when it is written in Tamil. Orange is the colour of GluIQ.

Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects allow 10% of associates’ time to be spent for personal development. As a part of personal development, Brains enrolled in to an Arabic course at the University of Sunderland. Learning Arabic is a strategic objective, as GluIQ will be providing an Arabic interface for its digital tools, to implement them in the Middle East.

The other important aspect of a KTP is that Associates have to attend two residential modules (spanning 5 days each) at Ashorne Hill Management College. These modules cover personal development, project management, communication, finance and leadership. Brains attended the first module in June which covered leadership, teamwork and communication. The biggest learning from the first module was his Belbin Team role profile, which helped to identify preferences for Team roles. In the last week of September, Brains attended the second module which covered Business strategies, Marketing and Financial concepts. Brains is now the proud owner of a certificate of course completion, which meets the study requirements of CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership.

With the domain knowledge, workflows and technology review phase undertaken, we are now moving into the system architecture design phase.